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Conn 10M Tenor Sax – Naked Lady #301XXX – SOLDStarting at $2,400

Year- Early 1940’s
Finish Type: Lacquer
Finish Condition: 95% Original Lacquer
Country of Origin: U.S.A
Accessories: Comes with original case in great condition, and original mouthpiece.

Description: I believe this is what Conn called the 10m Standard. The Standard is usually a sax that is a professional model without any of the special features. The sax does not have the rolled tone holes, double socket neck or the elaborate engraving. It still has the pivot screw set-screws and the “Naked Lady” engraving. I used Pisoni Pro Pads made in Italy with undersized flat metal resos to do a complete mechanical overhaul(key swedging, all pads, all key silencers, neck refit and extensive adjustments and play testing) to bring out the true potential of this vintage saxophone. This a whole lot of saxophone for the money and a horn that will need very little repair/adjusting for many years.