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Conn 30H Trombone – SOLDStarting at $1,250

Year: 1937
Finish Type: 100% Lacquer on re-lacquer/ 100% plating on the inner slides(probably re-plated at the same time)
Finish Condition: Excellent
Repair Condition: Fresh slide alignment and chemical cleaning done in shop
Country of Origin: USA
Accessories: Comes with original case in good working condition (fair cosmetically). 10 day return policy and 1 year Agave Music Repair and Maintenance Agreement

Description: This is one of the first professional(modern) trombones made with the slide lock and bell lock. This trombone has a smaller bore than most modern trombones but it really doesn’t play like it. It has an extremely powerful centered tone that tends to get get real dirty at full volume(great for taking paint off of walls at great distances). The slide feels great and the re-lacquer was done really well. I don’t know who did the re-lacquer but I was really pleased to see that they didn’t buff very much leaving some pitting and minor scratches but not thinning the brass out.