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Linton Student Bassoon SOLD

This is a composite body bassoon with nickel-plated keys made in Elkhart, Ind. This bassoon was in bad shape when I got it, which is the case with almost all used bassoons. I removed all the keys, chem. cleaned the body, buffed the keys and resurfaced the tone holes as needed. I also replaced all the key silencers all the tenon corks and the pads. I used a combination of felt, synthetic felt, natural cork and gummy cork for key silencers. I used cork pads and soft white kid leather pads where appropriate for the pad work. The key action is quiet and smooth and all notes play easily with a light touch.

Mechanically this bassoon is better than new and it looks very nice as well. There is some plating missing where fingers rest and small scratches throughout but it looks very nice. This is a great student level bassoon and can be used for outside gigs as well. Comes with bocal, case and bootstrap.

Mag Readings: Wing Joint-0.60 Boot Joint-4.00 Bass Joint-3.4