9:08 AM (1 hour ago) 12/29/17
Hi Chris

My Artley flute plays terrifically.
Can’t even remember the last time it played this well.
The low register booms out now.
And as a bonus the high register responds much more easily as well.
Can actually play things up there softly now without straining.
Big low register and soft high register.  Two things flute players struggle with and strive for.
And all with such a light touch.
Thanks for the great repair and personal attention.
I will definitely recommend you to all my flute and woodwind playing colleagues.
                                                                                                                                          Bruce Bade


Antonio Salce

2 days ago

Great place to take an instrument to get repaired! It is a very welcome atmosphere and the work is top notch.


LeeMacArthur via box800.bluehost.com

Oct 14 (1 Hour Ago)


Name: Lee MacArthur

Comments: Hi Chris. The YAS-61 we purchased for James has been an amazing instrument for our son to play. He practices all the time and loves playing it! First and foremost, the design of the instrument has easy flow and positioning of the fingers, and tone is instantaneously better; less airy, much richer (his words, not mine).  James has greatly improved his technique and his desire to create the right tones/hues of sound just comes naturally. In his words, “I can easily shape the sound.” The YAS-61 is ergonomically smart; easier to play and you hit the notes right, the first time…never a struggle like the previous alto sax we had. Thank you for showing and explaining the instrument to us.  We’re very pleased with the quality and sound of the Yamaha. And now James is jamming out at high school football games and invitationals.

Lee MacArthur


Vicki H via box800.bluehost.com
Sep 3 (2 days ago)

to chrismoller
Name: Vicki H


Comments: Hello Chris,

Just a short note to thank you for the great repair on my Mirafone Bassoon. The instrument responds better now than when it was new 48 years ago. The tone is so warm and mellow coupled with crisp response. The crack isn’t leaking now and the low register pops out! I can spend hours playing it now and I do just that. Many, many thanks. Great repair!


June 5 at 1:29pm ·

 For all my musician friends that jam woodwind and brass instrument’s , I highly recommend Chris Moller at Agave Music for all your maintenance and repair needs. He did a great job on a rush fix for my saxes and they sound great. 🎷🎺🎼


Hi Chris,

Tuba worked great!

No more tuning issues and I have a bit more maneuverability with different height chairs.

Thanks! Ian



I greatly appreciate all of you that took extra time to send me an email, post a review online or rate me on Facebook. Real word-of-mouth testimonials are my main source of advertising. Thank you, Chris Moller.


Chris is always professional, does amazing work, with a fast turnaround and he cares so much about the instruments that come into his shop. He’s great at his craft and I won’t take my trumpet or other horn to any other shop. Thanks for the consistent amazing work! I appreciate it so much!


Chris has always done excellent work on my wooden flute for years! He is the reason I can still play it! Highly recommend his services!

-Colleen C.


Chris is great with his repairs!! My Tenor has been playing great ever since he touched up the bends and bad pads for me. Thanks again man! I’ll be bringing my alto into you soon enough.


…my True Tone alto has been wonderful since I got it back from you with the overhaul. Its ease of play and feel is actually holding up quite nicely. A well playing horn for sure!

-Jonathan S.


I brought Chris two trombones in desperate need of cleaning and repair- one from the late ’70s and one from the mid ’30s! Having owned and played trombones since the late 1960s, I have never had such expert work done on my horns. I am truly impressed. Stephanie, at the front desk, is cordial and helpful, and their new facilities are modern and inviting. I give Agave Music my highest recommendation!

-Mike Shellans


Chris overhauled my Selmer Super Action 80 Serie[s] II Tenor Sax. I didn’t know my horn could play so well until after he worked on it.

-Stephen Vail

…I brought my school Bari Sax to your shop two years ago, and after you were done fixing a leak and dealing with some pad problems, I go all sorts of new found glory from my peers. I received comments like ‘you’re jamming!’ and ‘ you out played the trombones!’, in jazz band (that last got me really excited).  Thanks so much for your awesome work Chris!



It’s Back!!!
My favorite Keilwerth Couf Superba I Tenor sax has received a killin’ mechanical overhaul, expertly done by Chris Moller at Agave Music. New pads, seamless metal dome resonators, everything leveled, aligned and tweaked!
It is so nice to have a low Bb & B, that speak with authority again! I got it home and I put it thru it’s paces and it is way better in every performance aspect!!! WOW!!!
Once again, I now have with this horn a 5+ octave in-tune chromatic range and a 3 octave in-tune quarter-tone range!!! Multiphonics are just flying out of it, with incredible ease! It is so much easier to play both softly and loudly, that I know my dynamic range is way beyond what it was. Sub-tones are incredible easier!!!
I am looking forward to getting out tonight to the Tuesday jam and seeing what I can do with it now, both acoustically and with electronics!
Hmmm…. Guess I should save up some money and have this done with the rest of my horns!
Who knows? Maybe if I have these things done and I keep practicing & healing the left hand and left mouth neuro-communication to my post-stroke brain some more, I might actually become a real player someday!!!
But for now, I will enthusiastically enjoy being a good student on a great horn!!!

Bob Iriana


Chris Moller did an awesome rebuild on my 1926 Martin Handcraft Tenor.. now it plays like the big fluffy rabbit with the fuzzy tongue that I always hoped it was. He’s the best!

Shea Marshal


Love Chris’s work! He keeps all my horns playing like a dream!

Monica Shriver


Just had my flute tuned up by Chris….awesome! Plays better now than when it was new! Thanks

Debby Dallmus Lindsay


Thinking I might find a great deal on a vintage alto saxophone, I began a search on eBay. My goal was to find a refurbished horn with good intonation that wouldn’t cost me as much as a new, professional grade instrument. Eventually, I found a Conn ‘Chu-Berry’ that the seller claimed was “rock solid,” and a “great player,” completely overhauled with even a new hard case, and metal mouthpiece. I won the bid at about $800. Unfortunately, when the horn arrived it was totally unplayable, and 100% misrepresented by the seller. It took a while, but I did manage to return the horn and get my money back.
Still not learning my lesson, I bought a second alto from another eBay seller, this time a Martin stenciled Wurlitzer, which the seller claimed had been recently refurbished, (new pads, springs, corks and felt). He supplied many detailed photo’s of the horn, and it appeared to be a great deal at $600. Unfortunately, despite its nice appearance, middle F# simply would not play without squealing terribly. Frustrated, I once again returned the horn for a refund as it was not as described.
It was after the second mishap that I discovered Chris at Agave Music. He is a master in the repair and refurbishing of horns, including vintage saxophones, and he happened to have a 1929 Conn “Chu-Berry” for sale in his shop that he had completely gone through himself.
Although the horn cost more than those I bought on eBay, it plays like a dream. From low Bb to high F it blows easily, has perfect tone, great key action, and looks like a million bucks. My unfortunate experience on eBay has taught me never to attempt to find a quality vintage instrument online again—it simply is not worth the disappointment, time and trouble, and risk.
If you are looking for quality, experience, skill, and a helpful, friend in the field, I highly recommend Chris Moller at Agave Music in Phoenix.

James Gucwa (Beck)


I should’ve written much sooner. The Marigaux(oboe) is a complete success. Thanks again for all the extra efforts you’ve expended on my (and the Marigaux’s) behalf. It’s so much better than I had hoped!!

Phil Moloso


That Buescher true tone that you sold me is an amazing saxophone! It has an unbelievable sound that is sweet and the instrument is beautiful. I also really like the pads and resonators. Thanks for your advice and for selling me this great instrument.

Austin Post


We were looking for a used bass clarinet for our son and we contacted Chris at Agave Music through a website stating he had one for sale.  Even though it was a store not near our home we decided to go see the instrument.  Chris showed us what he had done to the instrument to refurbish it and let our son play it to get a feel if it would be an instrument to consider.  He was very knowledgeable and we were pleased that he does a complete overhaul of the instrument, not just what needs to be done to get it playing.   He has a generous return policy and encouraged us to have our sons teacher or others that play to try it out to make sure it was suitable for him.   He taught both of us about caring for the instrument and synthetic reeds that our son may want to try.  Overall a nice, relaxed good guy with great knowledge of his trade and we wish him years of success.  We will definitely do business with him again.

Gwen Carr


In the 40+ years playing trombone, I’ve had many technicians work on my horn. My entire experience with Chris at Agave Music ranks him at the top. Not only did he get my sticking slide working again like polished glass, but he caught several little things that I hadn’t noticed that greatly improved the horn’s performance – things that other techs probably wouldn’t have bothered to notice. He even removed the inside corrosion that I had always been told nothing could be done to. In the end, I got back a beautifully cleaned and shiny bell and a great performing horn. All that for a very reasonable price prompts me to highly recommend Chris at Agave Music.

Michael Lake


Dear Chris,

Just wanted to say thank you for the great job you did on my clarinet. It is playing like new and looks great! I have been trying to play a little each day to get the lip back in shape and I am really thrilled with the response of the instrument. Hopefully it won’t be long until I’m able to play an entire page. Haha!
Thanks again. Your attention to detail has been much appreciated.
Jane Chavers

I found Agave music using Google search and was extremely pleased with the service I received. I would recommend Agave music to anyone. The service was timely and my oboe plays better than it ever has. The price is also reasonable and when I call, I receive immediate service.

Annette J.


I have played the Buescher Aristocrat Alto sax you sold me and it is very nice, just what I was looking for. Thanks for your help!



My mother gave my daughter a flute that had been in the family for years. It needed a lot of repair to make it playable, and I didn’t even know where to begin. Agave Music was a great choice! In less than a week, the flute was like brand new. Everything works perfectly, and it looks and sounds beautiful again. I highly recommend!

Sondra C.


I love the way my sax is playing. Thank you for doing such a good job.

Nick Candelaria


I just finally put my clarinet down after playing for more than 2 hours!!  Thanks for the excellent workmanship you performed on it… I have no doubt in my mind it plays and looks better than when it was new!   When I need work on any of my horns, you’ll get the call.  You’ve earned a loyal customer and I will be recommending you to my musician friends.

Regards and thanks again, Perry A. Petri


Agave Music is a mecca for the professional musician who needs quality work done on his or her horn. I’ve had a crack repaired on my wooden clarinet by Mr. Moller as well as repairs on my 1946 Buescher tenor sax. Both jobs were done superbly. The two-inch crack in the clarinet was repaired so it can’t even be seen. The sax plays like a charm. I highly recommend Agave music for all your woodwind and brass repair jobs.

Tom Donaldson


Chris, Thanks for your first class repair to Savannah’s Trumpet. Her teacher, Mr. Martinez, now has you on his radar.

Jim D.


My horn responded and sounded really great on Friday night. Thank you so much for your work on it. I’ll see you again soon, I am sure. Great to meet you. Thanks again!

Mary Petrich


I bought a wonderful Martin-manufactured, 1930s vintage alto saxophone that you restored early this year. It is clearly the best instrument I have ever owned and the most fun to play. The sound is dark and mellow; the action is crisp and precise. I have been very happy with your service, always fast and responsive. I recommend your services to everyone I see. Thank you so much for your help.

David Dotson


I will admit that I don’t have a lot of experience owning and especially playing an instrument of any type, but my son and my husband are both musicians.  My son, a beginning Clarinet player, accidentally dropped his new Yamaha Clarinet.  This is a horn we own and I had not ever had to have serviced.  After verifying that one, if not more, of the keys was probably bent, we determined to bring this problem to Christ at Agave Music.  I am so glad we did!

Chris was only slightly busy and he was able to spend about 20 minutes with my son reviewing the horns and the various concerns we had.  He not only fixed the bent key, but he showed my son where he might need some cork grease applied (and how to do it) and then he fixed a pad and replaced a screw that apparently was coming loose.  He did all this for a reasonable fee and all while we watched.

Chris is warm, friendly and professional.  He is knowledgeable and very patient with his customers. I highly recommend Agave Music!

Heather Z.


In any industry, there are both good and bad experiences and occasionally one has the unique opportunity to share in something extraordinary.  Chris at Agave Music is just that; extraordinary. He is not only the owner, but the sole technician for the care and repair of musical instruments. I am a devout Tenor Saxophone player that always seems to need something tuned, repaired or tweaked on my horns as I try and play each and every day. Chris is not a technician in his approach, but instead an artist at what he does, shares and believes. He treats my horn as if it were his own and ALWAYS goes out of his way to make certain that the problem is not only repaired, but that the entire horn is in better working order prior to releasing it. In the past, I had my horns worked on by other stores and other technicians, but was always left dissatisfied. When I got the horn home and played for a few hours, the problem often returned, or a new problem suddenly appeared. Each and every time, Chris has worked on a problem; it has been fixed and has never returned. I attribute this truth to the fact that Chris is a musician as well. He not only can repair a horn, but he can play it and challenge the work to make certain it is completed correctly. I spend a great deal to get the finest Tenor Saxophones I could find and I care for them like a member of my family, for my money, no one else will ever work on them except Chris at Agave Music.

Robert G.

I greatly appreciate all of you that took extra time to send me an email, post a review online or rate me on Facebook.    Thank you, Chris Moller


G Kliebsack

Thanks for the great job on my grandson’s clarinet. He was real happy & says it works “better than ever”. We’ll see U after this semester for service.